Song lyric of the day

From "Think about it, think think about it" by Flight of the Conchords:
"They’re turning kids into slaves,
They’re turning kids into slaves just to make cheaper sneakers,
But what are the real costs because the sneakers don’t seem that much cheaper!"
It’s funnier when you hear it sung…if a lyric about child slavery can be funny. 
These guys are great, by the way.  If you have an opportunity to catch their HBO "One Night Stand" comedy special it’s well worth it.
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2 Responses to Song lyric of the day

  1. The Running Pol says:

    Incidentally, I just stopped by to wish you luck. You posted at Suzanna’s site and mentioned you have a marathon coming up.Good luck. Which race is it, by the way? I collect information about races so I know which ones to think about and which ones to skip.

  2. Ben says:

    Thanks! It’s the Honolulu Marathon that I’m training for. I have the Val Nolasco Half-Marathon coming up this weekend as a tune-up. Should be a good run; I did the Niketown 30K a couple of weeks ago and felt good, thougth I’ve been fighting a cold in the interim.-B-

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