Run Forrest Run!

Well, today was the Val Nolasco Half Marathon here in Honolulu.  Coming off a cold that limited my training days I was a little concerned about how I would do, but I did a good job of eating, drinking and stretching in the days before and felt pretty good.
I got to the race right on time and promptly locked my keys in the truck.  Hmmm.  Nothing I could do about it then, so I cruised over to the area where our group was meeting, hooked up with my friends, did some stretching, little last-minute pep talk from our coach Brian Clarke, then it was time to line up for the start.
True to our plan we started off slow and just cruised.  And cruised and cruised and cruised.  Each mile we were slightly faster than the last and 3 hours later we had finished, feeling very strong.  Great race.  I felt like I could have done another 5 or 6 miles with no problem.  In fact, this was about as strong as I can remember feeling in a race this long.
The marathon is just 5 weeks away so that’s what we have our sights on now.
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4 Responses to Run Forrest Run!

  1. The Running Pol says:

    Keys locked in the truck, huh? Well, you can’t drive the race, anyway. I hope it didn’t cost too much to get them out.Done correctly, every race should be like the one you described. A slow build to the finish, where you feel strong instead of wiped out.As you go into the final weeks of marathon training, keep this in mind, as well as the post after this about going out to quickly. It’s even more important in the full marathon. And it’s easy to forget. No matter how many times I say it, I run into my own challenges in the last 5 miles.Congratulations on finishing the race. Two more weeks of serious training and it’s taper time. Take care in your training the next two weeks.

  2. Patricia says:

    Congrats! Glad it went well.

  3. Suzanna says:

    Hi Ben, congratulations on such a great finish! I can’t believe you locked your keys in the truck! It’s funny because when I get up in the morning to run I am a little stupid; walking out without my shoes, or forgetting something!

  4. Ben says:

    Thanks guys — it was a good race. Ironically this was the first time that I’ve locked my keys in this truck. And it happened on the complete opposite side of the island from home (where my spare keys are) so I ended up just calling AAA and having them open it.I’m a little sore today. :)-B-

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