Pat Robertson strikes again

THE US "televangelist" Pat Robertson warned residents of a rural Pennsylvania town not to be surprised if disaster strikes them because "you just voted God out of your city" by ousting school board members who favoured teaching the doctrine of "intelligent design".

It seems sort of strange to me to turn to God after a natural disaster anyhow.  Wouldn’t Robertson have to agree that such things are an act of God?  What exactly is the logic in asking God to save you from something he, supposedly, invoked?

I have to wonder about Robertson’s god who he thinks is such a diety that would wreak some sort of natural disaster on people who don’t support teaching Intelligent Design in public schools.  What kind of petty, egotistical, malevolent spirit is that?  That’s certainly not the god that my Christian friends love.

In any event just because you don’t think the children should be taught Intelligent Design in schools means you reject God.  I know a lot of Christians who prefer to practice their religion at home and in their churches rather than in the public schools.

I don’t know if Robertson is deliberately being outrageous in a desperate attempt to remain in the public eye or if he’s just degenerated into such a mean-spirited paranoid who has to wish people ill for having the temerity not to share his sad beliefs.


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