Triathlon Tip #3: Hit the BRICs

So you can swim, you can bike and you can run.  But can you do them in sequence?
It’s not good enough to be able to bike 20 miles and run 6 miles.  You have to be able to bike 20 miles, then hop off the bike and quickly transition into your running gear and THEN run 6 miles with virtually no rest in between.
It’s surprisingly difficult to do if you haven’t practiced it.  Every veteran triathlete knows that rubbery feeling you get in your legs when you hop off the bike and start to run.  In some circumstances it can seriously impact your run; and it will seriously impact your enjoyment.
There are several tricks to help reduce that feeling which I’ll elaborate on in a future tip, but this tip is about training for it.
BRIC stands for "Bike Run In Combination" and it’s a term used for any dual-event training that you might do.  For example maybe you do a swim workout, then immediately run from the pool to a "transition area" you’ve set up with your bike waiting.  Hop on the bike and immediately start a bike workout.  Or bike for a while, then immediately run.
One good and easily managed workout I like to do is to start at home on my bike.  Do a good bike workout that begins and ends at home.  Before I leave I set up my "Run Transition Area" in my garage.  When I get back on the bike I immediately stash my bike and transition into my running gear (which usually just means losing my helmet/gloves and pulling on shoes/socks), grab my sports drink (just like on race day) and head out for a run workout.
You need to BRIC both the Swim-Bike and the Bike-Run transitions if you want to be effective on race day.  Practice not just the events but the transitions in between and get your body used to the experience and challenge of going from one event to the next with very little recovery time.
Have fun with it!
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