A Good Food Moment

Had a good food moment today at lunch.  Was at the counter at Harpo’s to get my usual pasta salad (which I eat with my own fat free dressing) and noticed the tray of pepperoni pizza.  Yummm.  Contemplated getting a slice of pizza to go with my salad then realize that I really wasn’t THAT hungy.  I love pizza and it looked good but ultimately I decided that I would be happier stepping on the scale and seeing more weight lost and more fat lost than I would eating that delicious pizza for 90 seconds or so.
So I decided to just stick with the pasta salad.  Other days I might decide to have the pizza and that’s o.k.  But today I took an honest appraisal of how hungry I really was and whether or not I really needed the pizza.
Felt good the moment I did it, in fact.
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One Response to A Good Food Moment

  1. Suzanna says:

    Very cool… I have found running does strange things to my appetite; sometimes after I run I am starvin’ Marvin and other times I have no appetite at all (highly unusual for me.) I can relate to the decision making process you went through and congratulate you on putting yourself first. 🙂

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