Triathlon Tip #7: Got Air?

Your body and your muscles need oxygen; that’s a fact.  I happen to believe that one of the things that causes problems for athletes during competition is not getting enough oxygen into their lungs and muscles during the event.  So I’m a believer in being aware of your breathing during the event AND of making sure you get good oxygen before the event.
To that end I also recommend that in the days before the event you do something very simple — a couple of times a day, stop, relax, take a deep breath, hold it for a second, then slowly let it out.  Then do it again.  It’ll relax you, help to relieve stress, and help get more oxygen into you. 
The second thing I’ve tried that seems to help is using Breathe Right strips while I sleep.  They’re just adhesive strips that you put on your nose that help to hold your nasal passages open while you sleep.  They’re comfortable and they do seem to do a good job of reducing snoring AND helping me to breathe easier during the night.
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