"I’m freestylin’ just saying whatever comes into the top of my head.  It’s like…r-r-random."
Hey, neat, somebody’s making a movie about a giant ape that falls in loves with a cute blond and goes crazy in New York.  No, not Kevin Federline, King Kong.  I’m glad they’re doing yet another remake of this film — there was so much of the original story that just wasn’t fully developed. 
I was at a fundraiser event last night that was sort of interesting.  A lot of pretty women with nice legs accompanying men 15+ years their senior.  And, for those of you who read my post on chivalry, those older men doted on their younger companions.  Pulling out chairs, bringing them drinks, handing them their purses.  I’m not sure if the lesson there is that well-to-do men (since this crowd was decidedly the CEO set) are generally more polite to women or if older men are more polite.  Maybe both.
Want to make most people look at their watches and excuse themselves from the conversation?  Earnestly start a sentence with "There are a lot of dopplegangers in this city, aren’t there?"
I don’t expect to see "The Kid & I".  I think I may have liked it better when it was called "Sidekicks."
Take at least one good deep breath everyday.  It helps.
"Sometimes when I freestyle I…lose confidence."
          -Flight of the Conchords-
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