Important Breaking News!!!

In today’s news: Osama Bin Laden has released another tape in which he threatens attack against the United States.  Two more cases of deadly avian flu have been identified as the U.S. CDC scrambles to accumulate enough treatments to protect Americans.  Iran threatens to walk away from negotiations as the world nervously watches their extremeist leader charge towards nuclear capability.
Nick and Jessica were both in the same restaurant just 2 hours apart.  Reports indicate that they sat at different tables, but that the tables were within sight of each other and both had the same busboy.  Speculation among insiders is that both were hungry and wanted the same type of foods.  Could this be the first step towards reconcilliation?
And…is Kevin cheating on Britney today?  Is Britney pregnant again?  Word is that they broke up, then got back together, then broke up, then got back together.  Late yesterday it was reported that Britney turned to her left and sighed.  We’ll look more deeply into that after these messages….
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