A Conspiracy Theory

O.k., here’s a poorly formulated conspiracy theory (from a registered Republican).  Our current administration seems to be grabbing every possible element of power for themselves. The President seems to believe that anything he says is legal automatically is and, of course, they are wrapping themselves in the war for justification.
There is an old joke about the OJ trial that goes like this: "It turns out that the L.A.P.D. actually did come up with an extremely elaborate plan to frame OJ for Nicole’s murder.  But they dropped that plan when they got there and found out that he actually did it."
Well, I can’t help but wonder if the widely reported stories about the Bush Administration planning an invasion of Iraq from the first days aren’t in the same vein.  Perhaps the Administration saw the opportunity to seize unprecedented power, knowing they would need a war to justify it, and so planned to take the country into war.  Iraq was a convenient target and Bush Jr. was probably pleased to strike back at Hussein who allegedly initiated a plot to kill Bush’s dad a decade earlier.  But then…9/11 happened.  What a stroke of luck!  We didn’t need to manufacture a war, Al Qaeda brought us a real one! 
And into war we went, U.S. troops went into Afghanistan to get the Taliban and Al Qaeda and you’ll notice that they did so with almost unanimous backing.  France, Germany and other countries who the Bushtians now spit at as back-stabbers, not only supported our pursuit of Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan but they sent their own troops too.  Democrats by and large stood firmly behind the President and the war in Afghanistan.  Cindy Sheehan had nothing to say about it. 
We had so much political capital that the Bush Administration decided to carry out their attack on Iraq anyhow and in what may have been the first of many surprises the rest of the world (well, most of it) recoiled and said "Hey, wait a minute."  And poof went all that goodwill and political capital.
But it didn’t matter because true to his message…Mission Accomplished.  We were at war and the Administration was now omnipotent.  They don’t need Congress and they have little use for courts.  Wiretaps of Americans?  Warrants schmorrants.  Go for it, the President says it’s legal so it must be so.  Political payback against critics of the Administration?  Bravo!
"I’m a war president" Bush said, barely able to contain his smirk.  I’m starting to suspect why he’s always smiling.
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