This Just In!

Britney Spears sneezed in the general direction of her son!  Ms. Spears was cleaning out a closet in her home when some dust stirred up and caused her to sneeze slightly in the direction of son Sean Preston.  Her son was not actually in the same room at the time and it’s unknown whether any germs might have been able to penetrate the two walls between them.
In a related story, Britney dropped a pair of scissors on a spot on the floor where Sean Preston has occasionally been known to walk.
Do we really have to have news stories about every time this woman does something stupid with her child?  The latest (as of this writing) is that she stumbled while carrying him but regained her balance.  Good grief.  How pathetic are we that we have to scrutinize every movement she makes.  She’s a pop-star who doesn’t seem to know anything about child safety in the car.  If I did a news story about every time I see a kid not properly secured in an automobile I could launch the 24-hour "Kid Standing on Dad’s Lap in the Passenger Seat Cable Network."
Somebody please teach her the proper way to transport her child in the car and everybody else…
Thank you.  That is all.
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One Response to This Just In!

  1. Patricia says:

    Amen! I couldn’t believe it when I read that story. Was there *nothing* else in the news today???

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