Ben’s World Tour 2006

I’m going to start doing some blog posting about my current trip (I should have started days ago) but I wanted to mention an observation that I had this morning while watching a news program here in Rotterdam (Holland):
People talk about "Anti-Americanism" around the world these days.  It’s become my opinion that people in other countries are NOT anti-American.  I’ve been in France, Dubai, Turkey and now Holland over the past week and I’ve experienced very little, if any, negative reaction from people.  They are not opposed to Americans…they’re opposed to our government and their policies.
Perhaps some of them have a hard time separating the two – understanding that as an American I’m not directly responsible for what our Administration does, but it seems clear that while sentiment here is running VERY strongly against the way our government is conducting themselves in International affairs, there isn’t any particular dislike for American citizens in general.
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