Miss USA Stumbles

By now you’ve probably heard that Miss USA has been given a second chance after reported underage drinking, allegations of drug use and possible other bad behavior in New York.  No need to rehash that story but here’s an article that touches on what my thinking on the matter is.  Our society is obsessed with Paris Hilton and whether Britney is wearing undies.  Young girls by the dozens (hundreds?) are ecstatic to flash their breasts on camera for the Girls Gone Wild people.  Binge drinking and other such behavior is glamorized.
I’m certainly no prude and people who know me are probably chuckling that I’m citing the Christian Science Monitor but at some level I have to agree that things have slid into a bad area and too many young people, especially young women, are trying to get attention by behaving in a way that is really rather degrading to themselves.
Have fun, that’s great.  But try and respect yourself.  Someday these "Girls Gone Wild" chicks may have to explain to an employer or their own daughter what they were thinking when they acted like daft blow-up sex dolls for the enrichment of the Girls Gone Wild producers.
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