Bachelor Tip #1

O.K., as many of you know I became a bachelor, again, this year so I thought I’d share a few little tips for my fellow Y Chromosomers (and the occasional challenged Double-X Chromosomers who love them) to help make your household run a bit more smoothly.  As always, I welcome feedback.
(Unless your feedback is lame, in which case I’ll just discard it.)
O.K. so tip #1 has to do with keeping your bathrooms reasonably presentable.  To the fellows who are just trying to get rid of the last 9 beers they probably don’t care, but at some point you may actually want to have a woman over to your home and if you do a clean bathroom is going to be important to them.  Cleaning the bathroom is, well, a nasty job unless…
…you clean as you go.
Go get yourself some of those Clorox Wipes.  You can find them at Walmart or KMart easily enough; Costco has their own Kirkland brand which are cheaper and I actually like them better.  Put the bottle of wipes under the sink in the bathroom.  Each time you use the bathroom, but before you wash your hands, take out the wipes and use one wipe to wipe down the toilet, counter, sink or whatever it is in the bathroom you think could use the wiping.  Maybe all of the above.
In theory each major fixture in your bathroom will get wiped about once a day.  What you’ll find is that when cleaning day rolls around the bathroom will be very easy to clean…because you’ve been cleaning it pretty well every time you use it!
BONUS POINTS: Get some glass wipes too.  If the toilet or sink doesn’t need to be wiped, maybe the mirrors or chrome fixtures could use a wipe.  Use the glass wipes to clean those up.
This will take you all of 10 seconds and the results are well worth it.
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One Response to Bachelor Tip #1

  1. Patricia says:

    Hints from the double X camp:
    *Candles: Not only are they romantic and do most women love candles, but they can cover up certain… odors that just don’t add to the mood.
    *Make sure there’s somewhere to sit and somewhere to… sleep. The rest is gravy. Note: Somewhere to sit does not mean that there’s space for only you on the couch. There needs to be room for her too. Note2: We don’t care if the sheets match.

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