Long Trip…

Just got home from a trip that was a little too long I think in almost every respect. 
Without getting into all of the details it was a 14-day jaunt through Seattle, Indianapolis and Chicago — too many timezones, too many different beds.  At one point I went nearly a week without sleeping in the same bed twice in a row.
It was great to see the dozens (literally) of friends and family that I got to spend time with.  I especially enjoyed my time with Jen, John, Patricia, my grandparents, aunt & uncle, Ashley & Gabe, Becca, and lots of MVPs like Milly & Steve, Sue, Kathy, Echo, Beth, Lanwench and others.
…but I had a lot to do back home and I couldn’t shake the frustration of being a long way from home when I had so much to do.  Top it off I caught a cold in Seattle and to this day I haven’t managed to completely shake it.
I said goodbye to the place I’ve always sort of thought of as my "home town" probably for the last time — my grandparents are moving away shortly and after that I’ll have no reason to go there.
Generally just a time of transition for me in many ways.  Leaving a lot of things behind and looking forward to a lot of new things (like a new home).
It’s good to be back on my island.  I’m all about today.  Yesterday is done and tomorrow I’ll deal with later today.
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