If Airborne Were Vodka, I’d be Ted Kennedy

O.K., so my latest cold has me going thru Dayquil, Nyquil, Airborne, Halls and just about every other cold/cough medicine you can think of.  So far I’m feeling a little better but this cold is putting up a heck of a fight!  It may be the worst kind of cold – it’s not so bad that I can’t function, but it’s just bad enough that I’m coughy/sniffly/grouchy…and working.
Quick note – somebody recommended the Airborne Gummi lozenges to me as an alternative to the barely palatable effervescient drink.  I got some and they are decently tasty however…a quick check of the ingredients finds that I’d have to suck (and by the way the instructions suggest that you DON’T chew; odd for something sold in gummy form) down a couple of dozen of the little "candies" to equal the amount of nutrients I get from choking down one glass of the drink.
So I am using the lozenges, but I’m going to stick with the drink for effectiveness.
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