Bachelor Tip #9: Mmmmm…ice cream

Yes, I like ice cream.  Good chance you do too.  If you’re buying your ice cream in the half-gallon size (as I tend to) and storing it in the freezer at home then this tip is for you.
Don’t put your ice cream in the door of the freezer.  Why?  Because every time you open the freezer door there is air flow past the door which induces a bit of a warming effect on the ice cream.  The door of the freezer is the warmest part of the freezer (sort like like the dryest part of Hilo, I know) and ice cream and heat are not a good mix if you want your ice cream to still be good days or weeks from now.
So put that ice cream on a shelf in the freezer and push it back a bit where it can stay nice and cold.  Then it will still be good the next time you go to have some.
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One Response to Bachelor Tip #9: Mmmmm…ice cream

  1. Patricia says:

    Another tip…
    If you happen to just pull the ice cream container out of the freezer and eat out of it (and really, who doesn’t on occasion?), leave the lid in the freezer. No more goopy lid.

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