Sounds of the City

My neighborhood is a little noisy tonight.
Somewhere behind me Hawaiian music is being played at rock concert levels.  I walked into one of my spare bedrooms at the back of the house and I could hear the music at a volume that sounded like a radio in the room had been turned on even though I have all of the windows closed tight.  In fact, I walked in there wondering if perhaps a radio alarm clock had gone off for some reason and was blasting Hawaiian music.
On the street out front a child has spent the last 8 minutes screaming bloody murder as if he had just lost most of a lower extremity to a giant carnivorous reptile.  Looking out the front window the kids are playing and there is no indication of why this particular little creature thinks he needs to screech like that.
If you’ll excuse me I need to go sit in one of the back rooms of my house for a while.  Otherwise in 3 minutes I’ll have to go out front and finish the job the imaginary alligator began.
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