Travel Headaches

I’m stuck at LAX at the moment.  Thanks to miserable L.A. traffic I showed up 25 minutes before my flight left but American Airlines won’t let you check in less than 45 minutes ahead of your flight.  So they bumped me and now I’m Stand-by for a flight that departs 2 hours later.
Oname wa nan des ka: Then I get to security and they won’t let me thru, initially, because it turns out my driver’s license expired last week.  I didn’t know.  Somehow the security screeners at Honolulu didn’t say anything about it – even though it expired a day or three before I left.  One more thing for me to do when I get home. (if I get home).  Finally, after being flagged for extra security screening, they let me thru.  So here I am, waiting to see if I’m stuck here tonight or not.
Clothes Make the Man: Of course if I’m stuck here tonight, my luggage isn’t.  It’s going on the flight I’m on stand-by for whether I get on or not.  That seems like a bad idea from a security standpoint but whatever.  My immediate concern is that I may have to stay overnight with no change of clothes or anything but what’s in my briefcase.  The saving grace is that if that happens at least I’ll be able to go back to my parents’ house which means I don’t have to sleep in the airport.
Power: How is it that it’s 2007 and I still have to spend 20 minutes wandering around the terminal like a vagabond trying to find an electrical outlet?  Do airports not know that business travellers who have to wait for a flight want to plug in?  Just about every airport has WiFi now (some of them for free) but it’s still the rare airport that has enough power outlets — and certainly that has power outlets next to seats.  My butt is getting sore sitting on this floor 100 feet from my gate but it’s the only available outlet I can find.  Given the choice I’d rather have power than Internet access in a terminal.
Update 9PM:  American Airlines could not get me on the 8:45 flight to HNL so I’m stuck in L.A. overnight.  Next flight out is first thing tomorrow.  And, of course, I have just the clothes on my back.
Update 6AM Wed: Back at the airport waiting for the 8AM flight.  I’m standby again but they said I should be able to get on this one.  At least I got a few hours sleep and a shower. (and another In-and-Out Burger)  The power situation in terminal 4 is actually a little worse than I thought.  Not only are outlets scarce but some of the outlets there are…don’t work.  Lucky I have my 4-outlet surge strip with me and the guy who was plugged into the only working outlet was fine with me inserting it so that we could share the working outlet.
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