This and That

Good Car/Health Tip: Adjust your rearview mirror slightly up.  It’ll make you sit up a little straighter in the car and have better posture.
Yogurt:  I’m working on eating a little healthier and thought I might try eating more yogurt.  How can you tell when yogurt goes bad?  No bacteria in it?
Just Park it Already! At the grocery store today a lady in a big Honda SUV sat blocking an entire traffic lane for several minutes while cars stacked up behind her.  Why?  So she could get a parking space closer to the door.  I was directly behind her.  At one point I tooted my horn at her, in a friendly way, to get her to glance at her mirror and see that there were half a dozen or more cars waiting behind her.  There were dozens of empty parking spaces in this lot, but she was going to sit there until the folks loading their Chrysler in the good parking space finished loading, took their cart back to the door, got in the car, fiddled with their seatbelts and radio, started the car…
I don’t mind folks waiting for a good parking space when they aren’t inconveniencing others, or if there had been no empty spaces, or if it had been a handicapped space and she needed that…but she kept a dozen people sitting anxiously in their cars with ice cream melting in their trunks just so she could have a space 50 feet closer to the door than the empty space further down the row.
As Long as I’m Ranting:  If you’re at a drive-thru and you’re past the speaker where you place your order…don’t be shy about pulling up.  About once a month I find myself half a car length back from the speaker and unable to order because somebody two or three cars up has left a full empty car length between them and the car in front of them.  Please pull up so folks behind you can pull up.  In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t rank up there with Thou Shalt Not Kill, but it’s just a little courteous thing you can do.
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