Reading the Labels – Part II

Eating at Subway because you think it’s healthier?  Well, generally you’re right however…if you’re like me and you get a rare craving for a Subway Tuna Sandwich (my friends are gasping at the notion of me eating fish!) you may want to think twice.  A 6" Subway Tuna sandwich has more calories and more fat in it than a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.  It does have less saturated fat, I’ll give you that, but not much.  And that’s only if you stick to the 6".  If you’re a big eater like me you probably order the foot-long and that means TWICE as much fat.
Moral of the story: Don’t assume that just because it’s at a healthy restaurant that everything on the menu is healthy.
That said, the Subway Turkey sandwich is a very healthy choice, especially if you leave off the cheese and mayo and load up on the vegetables.  There are even 18g of protein in the 6" Turkey.
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2 Responses to Reading the Labels – Part II

  1. Jana says:

    You should turn vegetarian. I know some great folks who are vegetarian. 😉
    Enjoy your Subway

  2. Ben says:

    Yes, I know some delightful vegetarians too but I didn’t fight my way to the top of the food chain to just eat carrots.  That said I love vegetables. Right alongside my steak. 😉

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