Self-realization Has Its Limits

I saw a woman at the grocery store today who had "Fatso" tatoo’d across her shoulder blades.  Granted she was an ample young lady and I suppose there is a certain credit deserved for a humored acceptance of her physical condition but I have to wonder if it’s really healthy to embrace obesity as if it were a condition that cannot be improved.
I know another young lady of…shall we say, considerable girth, who laughs as she says that her doctor has warned her that she needs to lose weight.  But she apparently likes being that size even though it almost certainly means a shorter, less healthy life.
Is fat loss easy?  No, of course not.  But if you’re at an unhealthy level of fat then it’s probably better to battle it than embrace it.  Unless diabetes and heart disease are really what you aspire to.
With Allies Like This…
On the subject of fat loss…have you seen these ads for the new FDA-approved weight-loss drug called "Alli"?  Have you noticed the fine print where it says that the Alli program also involves a sensible diet and exercise?  For most people if you do the sensible diet and exercise without the Alli you’ll lose fat too.
Granted everybody’s metabolism is different.  Some people have to work a lot harder to lose fat than others, for a few they might really need medication or other drastic intervention.  Most people just need to eat smarter and exercise more.  Get enough sleep, drink enough healthy fluids.  Stretch.  Walk.  Take the stairs.  Breathe deeply.  Chew your food.  Don’t be afraid to push your plate away when you’re full even if there is still food left.  Leftovers are good.
Most of us can lose fat that way.  It may be slow and steady but that’s the best way.  And it’s worthwhile.
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