Look Out Mouse, Here we come!

So Rachel and I are in L.A. this weekend to run the Disneyland Half Marathon.  The drive down from Stockton on Friday was lovely and now we’re visiting with my folks.   Today we went down to the expo to pick up our packets (pictures attached).  The sharp-eyed among you have spotted the Runner Chick in the Expo picture.  We also caught a sneak glimpse of the finish line where we’ll be triumphant on Monday.
Tomorrow we’re taking a fun day at Disneyland to roam around the park and ride the rides, and we’re spending tomorrow night at the Hyatt down there.  Monday morning we’re up bright and early (well, early) to run the big race.  If you want you can track us at the Disney Half Marathon website but if you want to track Rachel you’d better log in early because she’s going to be done quick.  You should have at least an extra 45 minutes if you want to track me.
We’re both dealing with some injuries – her foot has been a little problematic (but improving) and I’ve had knee and hip issues.  But we’re still looking forward to a fun run.
This and That: Getting off the flight in Sacramento I overheard the young woman behind me on her cell phone trying to figure out if her friend was too drunk to pick her up at the airport.  It just seemed odd somehow.
This and That: Driving down from Stockton we stopped at Harris Ranch near Coalinga.  If you’re ever there, try the Trifle.  It’s delicious.
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