Rewind: A Neighbor Island Travel Post

As some of you know I’ll be spending this coming weekend on Maui.  A much-needed getaway; I plan to spend my time at the pool, in the restaurants, seeing the sights, sleeping in, on the beach, back to the restaurants, walking the streets of Lahaina and just having a generally relaxing time.
Thought maybe a "classic" Neighbor-Island travel report might be appropriate to repost:
May 06

Hilo has…

…a fancy new waiting area at the airport.
…a very high ratio of blue houses to residents.
…a "peach impediment." 
…feast or famine parking at the Hilo Hawaiian.  Twice we got a spot right in front.  Once we made 5 laps of the parking before settling for a spot that was probably illegal right in front of the maintance loading dock.
…Ken’s House of Pancakes.  Open 24 hours and yes, it’s that good.
…close to nothing happening downtown on Sunday.  I’ve heard of rolling up the sidewalks — these folks fold them neatly and send them to the dry cleaner’s on Sunday.
…"Didn’t that bridge used to be bigger?  Maybe it shrank!"
…Big Island Candies.  I’m warming up to the chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies (but Chocolate Chip are still my favorite).
…"It’s a waterfall.  How is it different from the last 3?  The water falls sideways!"
…Cafe Pesto and the yummy Crustinos appetizer and Smoked Ham sandwich.
…a whole lot of shops selling jade and very nice chopsticks.
…"O.K., that’s a house.  No, wait, it’s a dentist’s office.  THAT’S a house.  No, wait, it’s a insurance agency.  THAT’S a house, no wait it’s a Chiropractor.  THAT’S a house, no wait…oh, yeah, it’s a house."
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