Audio Pet Peeves:  I listen to a lot of podcasts; mostly science, business and technology but also running and triathlon related.  This weekend I noticed two things that I found mildly annoying on them:

1. If there’s two people on the podcast, co-hosts for instance, and one of them decides to take a drink of water (or, oddly, eat something) but they neglect to mute their microphone.  I’ve done enough radio to know that most of these setups have a mute button that you can press to mute your mic if you have to cough or clear your throat or something.  There are few things, on a broadcast or podcast at least, that grate on me quite as much as when one person is speaking and the other loudly gulps down a food or beverage on the air.  Maybe it’s a little thing but it’s like fingernails on a blackboard to me. 

On one of my podcasts this weekend the co-host seemed to drink an entire bottle of something during the show and we got to listen to every satisfying gulp over the course of the 30 minute show.

2. If it’s a call-in program where the person calls in and asks the host for advice…after you’ve asked your question please let the host answer it.  On an advice cast the caller asked their question and then spent the next minute or so constantly talking over the host while the host tried to answer it.  STOP.  Ask your question, give whatever information you need to, answer any questions the hosts asks you, then ZIP IT and let the host answer.

Quote of the Day
"Hold a true friend with both of your hands."
-Nigerian Proverb-

Football: Spent much of the weekend working on the book and around the house so I got to watch some football and had a couple of comments:

The University of Hawaii played a great game against Boise State on Saturday.  They were fast, physical and aggressive – really a game they should be proud of.

The Philadelphia Eagles came darned close to beating the New England Patriots on Sunday.  The Patriots just made plays when they had to and the Eagles made a few crucial mistakes at the wrong times.  Still, the Eagles should be proud of the effort – they almost did what nobody else has been able to do this year (beat the Patriots) and they did it on the Patriots field.


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