Honolulu Marathon: T-9 Days

A few random thoughts…

  • Glad I got my therapeutic massage yesterday — as my massage therapist cautioned I am a little sore today.  With 9 days to go I have plenty of time to recover.  That’s why I schedule the massage for yesterday.
  • This weekend is the California International Marathon.  Rachel and Jana are both running it and of course I wish them both the best!
  • My weekend will be considerably more relaxing: Dana and I are going to Kauai.  Lots of pictures will ensue, I’m sure.

A few race plan thoughts:

  • There are three big danger zones for our group on the Honolulu marathon:
  1. The start.  The adrenaline is pumping, the massive crowd is buzzing, the mayor/governor are out there waving at us, there are fireworks (the race starts in the pre-dawn darkness) and it’s REALLY easy to get caught up in the surge and go out way too fast.  Rule #4: Know your place!  Keep it nice and easy, especially for the first several miles.  As John Simonds once said "Your first 5 miles will determine your last 5 miles."
  2. Diamond Head.  It’s tempting to charge up Diamond Head on the way out, but remember…there are still 18 miles to go.  Don’t leave your race on that hill.  It’s deceptively long on the way out (and deceptively short on the way back).  Conserve your energy, get up the hill nice and easy and then we can begin the middle phase of the race … Kahala to Hawaii Kai.
  3. Kapiolani Park.  On the way back you’ve passed mile 25 and you see Kapiolani Park.  You can hear the band and the crowd in the distance.  Now you’re really smelling the barn!  You make that left turn into the park and start loping towards the finish.  But….that finish line is still a full kilometer away!  Keep it frosty, stay within yourself just a little bit longer, past the fountain until we get down near the Aquarium.  At that point….go get it!  We’re home!
  • Nutrition: It’s important that we don’t just drink water on the race but we’ll also need to take carbs and electrolytes.  That may mean Shot Blocks, Gu, Gel, pretzels or whatever you’ve been training with.  Remember Rule #3 though, it’s critical!
  • Enjoy the race!  Remember none of us are getting paid to be out there.  Run, have fun, enjoy the company of your training group, appreciate the spectacle of it all, wave at the fans, thank the water station crew, SMILE, and above all…. FINISH WITH STYLE! ("Jazz hands!" -Jill)


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