Honolulu Marathon: T-6 Days

Just a quick one – I’ll post more later. 
It’s marathon week and I am FIRED UP.  I’m still a tad sore, but getting better and this week is all about getting loose, eating right, getting in the right frame of mind…
A few random thoughts:
  • I went for a very short run this morning and have another this evening.  For me it’s just about keeping the legs loose and trying to get a few miles on the new one-dot shoes.  All in all I feel good. 
  • Food and drink are important for me this week too.  Had some nice pasta and chicken for lunch.  Expect to have some rice and chicken for dinner.  In between…fruit, and tea. 
  • The weather here right now is encouraging.  Overcast and a little rainy.  I would be thrilled if Sunday turns out overcast and cool with a breeze and maybe a light drizzly rain on and off.  Those would be ideal conditions for me.
  • This marathon feels different from other races for me because this race isn’t about me.  This race is about getting my crew to the finish line so my mental state during the race is very different.  Instead of worrying about me picking up the pace over the next mile I’ll be more focused on how Alan’s knees are, if Johanna is doing o.k., where Cathy is and so forth.  I know I can do 26.2, I just want to help my group get there and have fun doing it.  I’ve never lost one yet!
  • It’s exciting to know that one week from right now I’ll have another Honolulu Marathon Finisher’s shirt in my bag.
  • Trying not to look ahead but…while this race isn’t about me, but the next 11 months of races are…starting with Great Aloha Run in a couple of months and then the L.A. Marathon in March.    In between I need to do some swim training and make sure and get ready for the Metric Century bike ride.

Well, that’s all for now.  Thanks to BP, MA and KM for sending along their well wishes.  6 more days then BRING IT ON!


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