Kauai Moments

So Dana and I just got back from Kauai – it was a nice, relaxing weekend, just what I needed the week before Honolulu Marathon.  A few selected pictures and thoughts from Kauai…

  • The ResortQuest Islander on the Beach is a nice hotel, though a little tricky to find.  Hint: It’s BEHIND the Coconut Marketplace.  The Jacuzzi wasn’t operating on Sunday morning though, which was a tad disappointing.
  • "Happy Duncan Sheik Day!"
  • It doesn’t take that long to drive the bulk of the drivable bits of the island.  We went from Kapa’a to Waimea and back all the way to Hanalei, then back to Kapa’a in a day, without a big hurry.
  • "There’s the jail.  For jailed people."
  • The food on Kauai was a little disappointing – at least compared to the delicious food we had on Maui a few weeks ago.
    • We had the breakfast buffet at Waimea Family Restaurant which was…well…I guess what you’d expect from a $10 breakfast buffet.  The left side of the buffet was good bacon, passable pancakes and rice.  The right side of the buffet was mostly things we really didn’t want to think about.
    • We stopped at Bubba’s Burgers in Kapa’a for lunch.  The burger was pretty good, but the Bubba girl was sort of rude to Dana when she placed her order.  She asked for certain things on her burger and was rather curtly told that they don’t do it that way there.  (ignoring the fact that there is a sign right on the counter advertising a burger with exactly those toppings)  Wish I’d seen the sign before we finished the order and paid, I’d have protested.  The burgers were fine, but really the Bubba girl should have let Dana have her burger the way she wanted it.
    • The pina coladas at Princeville were pretty tasty, but the ones at Dukes were even better (if not as nicely garnished).
    • The steaks at Kauai Hula Girl are big and not bad…but perhaps a tad bland.  I don’t usually have to put salt on my steak (after it’s cooked) but I admit that I did on this one.  The salad with the house dressing was pretty good.
    • There’s almost nothing in the Kapa’a area open for food after 9PM or so (at least that we could find).  We had to resort to Taco Bell for a bite at 9:45pm on Saturday.
    • Colenti’s in Lihue was our lunch spot on Sunday.  We were STARVING and it was sort of the final place we could find.  We had been looking for Mexican food but both Mexican places in Kapa’a were closed and we didn’t see one in Lihue.  So we settled on Colentis.  The pizza was thin crust ("NY Style") and though it didn’t look very good through the glass, I have to admit that on Dana’s plate it got a lot better looking (and smelled delicious).  The Italian sub sandwich was fine.  The decor is sort of interesting; especially the customer-decorated paper plates and the big mural that is supposed to be New York or Boston (we weren’t sure).
    • To be fair we didn’t make it to Pomodoro (an Italian place I recall being quite delicious) or to The Beach House in Poipu that Babette strongly recommended.  Also I seem to recall Joe’s in Poipu was pretty tasty when I was there some years ago.
  • "I’m delirious from food deprivation so I think you’re funny."
  • We did get a fair bit of rain on the trip which limited our outdoor options somewhat.  Didn’t really feel like hiking or such when it’s soaking wet out.  We still managed to sneak in some shopping but mostly we stayed in the car or in the restaurants.
  • "O.K., so that’s where the canyon WOULD be.  If there wasn’t a big cloud blocking it."

And now a few pictures from the weekend…

First…the hotel:

Kauai 009  Kauai 015


Kauai is lovely.

Kauai 020 Kauai 021 Kauai 103Kauai 162

So…that’s where the canyon SHOULD be…

That's where the canyon would be

This dog REALLY wants to go into the 7-11.  Maybe it wants a Slurpee? 

Kauai 083

Fort Elizabeth…or what’s left of it.

Kauai 026 Kauai 025

"No, I think THAT rock was where the guardhouse used to be."

Kauai 030

That’s just too cool.

Kauai 101

Princeville is not an ugly place to stop for drinks.

Kauai 110 Kauai 115 Kauai 119 Kauai 120

On the road to Hanalei…

Kauai 133

Some joke about "big limbs" is probably in order here.

Kauai 159

A rainy afternoon at Duke’s on the beach…eating nachos, sipping drinks, watching the rain and the cruise ships…

Kauai 176

O.K. that was the Kauai weekend.  No more neighbor island travel planned for me in 2007.  Next neighbor island trip is maybe late January but I don’t know where yet.  And I’m losing my partner-in-crime, Dana is heading back to the Mainland in January. 😦


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