Honolulu Marathon: T-2 Days

Wow, we’re almost there!  48 hours from now I should be nearly halfway done!

Random Thoughts

  • One tip I should have offered earlier is…take care of your feet this week!  This especially applies to the ladies but can certainly apply to the gents too.  Let me explain: This morning as I was getting dressed I was tempted to go sockless and wear some moccasin-type shoes.  They’re fine, but sometimes a little rough on my feet.  Luckily a smarter head prevailed and I went with the slightly less stylish, but more comfortable and cushioned, work shoes with socks. 

    Ladies…be aware of what shoes you’re wearing during marathon week.  The little strappy shoes may be cute, but if they give you blisters or make your arches hurt they probably aren’t a good choice when you’re days away from running 26.2.  Fellas…same rule.  Save the cute little strappy shoes for after marathon. 😉

  • Today’s Music: Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Verve and even a little House of Pain.
  • Yesterday’s Food:  Fat Free Blueberry yogurt and wheat toast for breakfast, chicken piccata over pasta for lunch, toast and rice for dinner (wasn’t hungry). I need to force myself to take in some more carbs today – this is the key day with 48 hours to go.
  • Honolulu Marathon has gone away from the ChampionChip timing chips.  Our "chips" this year are little RFID strips.  Looks like a fortune from a fortune cookie with a hole in one end that the shoelace is supposed to go through. My only concern is that it looks a little fragile and I hope it doesn’t fall off during the race; especially if it’s a rainy day.

Marathon 005 Marathon 007

Questions and Acknowledgements

  • BP asks "Do I supplement?"  Are you kidding?  I have William on my freakin’ speed dial!  🙂  Yes, I supplement.  Spiz, Muscle Milk, HPDS Creatine…  Keep in mind that I’m not a typical endurance athlete, I’m 218 lbs of pure muscle.   O.K., O.K., 203 lbs of pure muscle and 15 lbs of pizza, but I’m working on that.  That means I’m not a 3 hour marathoner and that’s o.k. with me.  I’ll probably never qualify for Boston; long term I’d like to consistently break 5 hours in the marathon.  But I also like to stretch out the sleeves on that finisher’s t-shirt a little. 🙂  And that’s why I lift and supplement.  My primary marathon goal is just to be faster than I was last time.
  • Quick word of thanks to Jill for being a great co-leader this year.  Seems like whenever I wasn’t going to be there she was there to take over, and vice-versa.  She brings a ton of enthusiasm and positive energy and really made it fun.
  • …and while we’re on that subject.  A hearty THANK YOU to Mo for being our special needs aid station again this year.  SWORDFISH!  Jill always did have good taste in men. 😉

Weather Forecast for Sunday: 77 Degrees with a 40% (yes, that’s dropped) chance of rain.  It’s pouring rain outside right now, though.

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