Honolulu Marathon: T-20 Hours!

O.K., it’s Saturday and the marathon is now within striking distance!  This time tomorrow I should be more than half done.

Random Thoughts:

  • Last night we had our traditional Carbo Loading party.  Despite heavy rains we had the biggest turnout I can recall and a huge amount of food.  I brought home a big tray of leftover macaroni rosa (my contribution to the event) which I’ll be snacking on all day today I’m sure.  Here are a few pictures:

Marathon 010 Marathon 012

Marathon 013 Marathon 014

  • I’ll be running with royalty tomorrow.  Prince Pieter Christiaan of the Netherlands is here to run the marathon too.
  • Sometimes I experiment with wearing a Breathe Right nasal strip at night in order to see if it helps me take in more oxygen.  Yes it may look a little goofy, but who’s going to see?  Anyhow…I decided to wear one last night and tonight – I don’t know if it helps, but it can’t hurt.  More oxygen in my muscles would be good tomorrow.
  • Marathon TIP: Lay out your gear at least the day before, I actually started on Thursday.  One of my group said she already had started putting hers in her bag but I suggested she actually lay it out on a table or the floor where she could see it.  That way you can more easily spot anything that’s missing.  You want to lay it out so that you make sure you don’t forget anything and so that you have it all ready to go.  You don’t want to be staggering around in the dark at 2AM on race morning trying to find your socks.

Marathon 002

Oh…I guess JW just found out what I’m wearing. 🙂  Well….she probably won’t read this before tomorrow anyhow.

Important Items (aside from shoes and shorts of course)

  • Sunscreen
  • Body Glide (if you’ve run, you know)
  • Visor – I learned this one the hard way, when the sun comes out you want the visor.  And I notice most of the elite triathletes wear them so maybe I should too. (they probably know something I don’t)
  • Spare socks for my special needs bag.  It’s nice to have the option to change into clean, dry, socks at mile 18.

Questions and Acknowledgements:

  • DE, MK, PE, LB thanks so much for the nice words of encouragement!
  • Also a quick word of thanks to my Mom and Dad – not only for their encouragement on this race but also for their ceaseless support and generosity.
  • EM: I plan to be in bed by about 6PM tonight.  Up before 2AM, on the road by 2:30AM. I want to get to the park relatively early (by 3AM) so I can get a decent parking space.  My shuttle picks up close to 3:30AM; I’ll do some easy stretching and maybe light jogging to warm up while I wait.
  • TM: No, Frank isn’t paying me a sponsorship fee though considering how many places on my body his store is listed tomorrow maybe he should!  🙂
  • KM: Pacing is crucial – start off nice and easy.  Remember Rule #4: "Know your place!"  If you get to Nuuanu and the guy on your left is a Kenyan…you went out too fast! 🙂  See quotes of the day below for more on this…
  • Oxbunny, Mailman, Bear and the rest….are ya ready?  The clock is ticking, it’s almost time!

Quotes of the Day:

  • "The first five miles of your race will determine the last five miles of your race." -John Simonds, "The Dean of Hawaii Road Running"-
  • "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever."

Weather Forecast for Sunday: Now that we’re into the home stretch we can be more precise about it.  Right now they’re saying 76 degrees as the high with a 40% chance of rain.  But during the race the high shouldn’t top 73 and in fact, should be 70 or under for the vast majority of the time we’re out there.  I’m fine with that temp, I’m just hoping the sun stays hidden.  A little drizzly rain would be nice too as long as it doesn’t make puddles.


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One Response to Honolulu Marathon: T-20 Hours!

  1. Jana says:

    My dear, I am so proud of you. You inspire so many in so many ways. I count you as one of the most blessed gifts I have received. I will be sending you well wishes and encouragement throughout the race. If you feel a little tap on the shoulder, that is me saying ‘stay strong, pain in temporary, the results will last forever’. I wish I could be there; in spirit I will.
    Love you bunches

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