Sitting This One Out

A number of my friends have asked why I’m not planning to do anything this New Year’s Eve so I thought maybe I’d just post the basics of it here.

Last New Year’s Eve was difficult for me.  I went solo to a party that was nearly all couples and I had somebody far away in my heart.  At midnight the couples all enjoyed their kisses while I stood on the patio staring absently at the sky and wondering if I would ever get to share a New Year’s kiss with the woman I was thinking of.

A lot has happened in the year since that night.  2007 has been a very intense and difficult year for me.  It has seen some of the highest and lowest times of my entire life.

As this New Year’s Eve approaches I find myself in a whirlwind.  I’m having to accept some very painful truths in one of the most important relationships in my life.  At the same time I’ve very recently met somebody very interesting and I’m wondering where that might lead.  And Dana will be leaving Hawaii for good in a few weeks to go home.  Even though she doesn’t think so, I will miss her.  🙂

So under the circumstances I don’t think I really want to spend all night reflecting on 2007.  I think I’ll just put it, and me, to bed early tonight.

See you all next year, I’m expecting great things in 2008!


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