Episode 3: Wedding Day

Saturday was wedding day!  Yeah, it was cold.  Met up with Patricia and a few of the other wedding party in the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

Boston 025Boston 030 IMG_1280

After breakfast I spent the morning in my room working on my book (one of them), before heading into town to join Patricia, Duane, Kristen, Maureen, Laura and Melanie at this cute little 50’s diner place for burgers and fries.  The waitress declared that she wanted to come home with me, because of the climate, of course, and we sold Maureen’s coat on eBay while she was in the ladies room. (no, not really)

After lunch I took Patricia back to the hotel so she could relax and get dressed before the big event.  Maureen and I found a comfortable spot to sit and chat and before we knew it…it was time for for us to get ready too.  So she returned to her hotel, I showered and dressed, and right on schedule I pulled the car around front to transport the bride, Stephanie and Stephanie’s partner to the wedding.

A short, cheerful, drive later we pulled up at the venue and Stephanie helped Patricia negotiate the snowy, icy, steps while I parked the car.  When I finally made it inside the scene was cheerful as friends and family began to gather. 

Boston 027  Boston 026

Boston 028

After some preparations and the final arrivals of the guests it was time to get our wed on!  Melanie and I linked arms and led John and Patricia on the slow happy walk out to the "altar" where Kristen and Duane waited.

The ceremony was extremely moving.  Exactly what a wedding should be – two people pledging their love to each other.  They wrote their own vows and it was clear that they meant every word.  Honestly it was all I could do to not tear up myself.  Duane and Kristen did a beautiful job of officiating – hard to believe it was their first time!  I’ve never been a "Kahuna of Honor" before but I hope I discharged my duties capably.  Essentially I stood where I thought I was supposed to and held the bouquet when it seemed like I should. 

Once the ceremony was concluded, we "recessed" to the enthusiastic applause of the assembled friends and family and, not entirely surprisingly, made a beeline to the bar. 🙂  Let the reception commence!

Boston 031 Boston 041

Reception highlights:

  • John and Patricia did a very nice Irish dance that they had been practicing.  For me the best part of that was how naturally they moved together and how comfortable and happy they seemed; even doing something that may have felt a little awkward.  There was nothing awkward in the way they were together.
  • The DJ, perhaps with John and Patricia’s guidance, had a somewhat quirky playlist.  It was unusual but conveyed a sense of fun that really seemed to suit the occasion.
  • The food was entirely prepared by the party and family and it was delicious.  The meatballs, malfati, bacon-wrapped dates, salads….yummy.
  • There was a personal highlight for me too…but some of you know about that already. 🙂

The evening slowly wound down and by 11p or so we were all a bunch of happy people making our way back to our homes and hotels.


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