Borders is My Church

I love books.  I really do.  My den features three large seven-foot bookshelves each of which is stuffed full.  I may have to add a fourth soon.  So yesterday I made a pilgrimage to Borders – 30% off coupon in hand – to relieve a little stress and do some shopping.

A few random thoughts:

  • There was a DVD there called "The 300 Spartans" with a graphic on the front of a Spartan warrior.  The smaller print indicted that this story was "the inspiration for The 300".  But if you didn’t read that smaller print I can see how folks would have grabbed this off the shelf thinking that it was actually "300" the popular epic movie of 2007.  In actuality "The 300 Spartans" appears to be a very similar film from 1962.  I’m assuming the confusing similarity of title and packaging was intentional.  I wonder how many of them they get returned by disappointed shoppers who thought they were getting
  • It was nice to see so many families and kids in there shopping.  Bookstores like Borders and Barnes and Noble got really popular a few years back and I was wondering if it was just another fad – like Krispy Kreme – or if it would last.  I haven’t seen their latest sales figures but judging by the crowd it looks like they’re still going strong.
  • The Bargain shelves are a great place to find gifts.  I bought three books yesterday to give away – one of them I bought without even knowing at the time whom I would give it to.
  • I was surprised that I couldn’t find Kurosawa’s "The Seven Samurai" on DVD there.  Maybe it was just sold out.
  • I was also surprised at how much more expensive Blu-Ray DVD’s were than regular.  Regular DVDs were anywhere from $9 to $22 depending upon the movie.  The Blu-Ray discs were up around $35.  That certainly moved me along to the next aisle pretty quickly…
  • I’m not a science-fiction reader myself but browsing the Sci-Fi aisle I was taken with how many books there are with "William Shatner" credited as the author.  Naturally they’re all Star Trek related and I assume that most, if not all, are actually ghost written, but on the surface of it he appears a surprisingly prolific author.


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