The Training Train is on the Tracks…

Sounds like the start of a Dr. Seuss book.

I was out on my morning bike ride this morning and I realized something significant — I am really loving training right now!  How much so?  So much that after a full interval workout with my team last night I took it upon myself to go out and do another 4-1/4 miles on my own.  I could have just packed it in like everybody else, driven home and watched some TV.  But instead I decided, despite being tired and dripping with sweat, to suck it up and go run some more.

This morning I woke up with sore legs and considered skipping the morning bike ride.  After 5 minutes that idea was gone and I put on my kit, grabbed the bike and hit the streets.  I had only planned to do my short course this morning; that was my compromise.  "I’m sore but I want to bike.  So I’ll bike, but just the short course."  After 5 minutes that idea was gone and I decided to tack some extra on by detouring off into my old neighborhood and down Keaunui Drive.  Probably added an extra mile to the ride.  When I was coming back down Ft. Weaver Road and approaching the turn onto my street…I decided to go down to Kaimalie Street and come around the block the back way to the driveway.  Just added 3 or 4 more blocks to the ride.

It’s a nice feeling to not only not dread my workouts but to find myself actively looking for ways to do MORE.

This afternoon – a trip to the gym to pick up some heavy things, then put them back down, then pick them back up, then put them back down.  Rinse, repeat.  Seems sort of pointless when I think about it that way.  Hopefully I’ll see the reason for it in the mirror.

Update: I am seeing it in the mirror a bit. Weighed in this morning and I’ve lost more than 3 pounds in the last 8 days.  🙂


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