I Don’t Know Art, But I Know What I Like

One thing that has bugged me a bit about my new home is that I have nearly no art on the walls.  Recently I decided that maybe the solution lays within my very own computer!  For the last year or so I’ve carried my camera with me almost everywhere.  I snap pictures almost every day, random stuff, rainbows, friends, interesting signs, great clouds, cute dogs, whatever catches my eye.  Well that means that I now have a few THOUSAND photographs in my computer.  At least a dozen of them are pretty decent photos.

So…I decided to put my photo printer to work.  I went to K-Mart, bought some nice wood 10×13 frames (with 8×10 matte), bought some 8-1/2 x 11 photo paper and decided I would pick my favorite photo from each island that I’ve taken on my travels!

Well…I don’t have any pictures from Molokai because I haven’t been there in a few years and probably didn’t have a digital camera with me on that trip anyhow.  I don’t have any pictures from Lanai because I haven’t been there yet.  But the other islands I’ve got and so I printed out my favorite Oahu photo and Kauai photo and, since I don’t have Molokai or Lanai yet I printed two Maui photos.  I’ll do a Big Island photo shortly as well.

Here’s how it looks so far…


Yes, I know the frames are slightly crooked – I’m just doing this as proof of concept and will need to rehang them.  Also I’m a little concerned that it may be too crowded when I get all 6 of them up there…I’ll have to play around with the spacing.  But the photos themselves are quite nice and for what amounts to under $10 each they certainly make for nice art.

And I have to say that it feels a little extra-special that each of the pictures are shots I actually took.  So looking at them brings back a specific memory for me; it’s not just a pretty scene that maybe I’d like to see someday.

I’m already looking at other photos I can print, frame and post in other parts of the house.  Maybe I’ll put up a photo of Stockholm or Istanbul in my master bathroom.


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