Running with Sue-Baby

Had a great evening run last night.  Hooked up with my old pal and running buddy Sue-Baby.  She really is one of my very favorite people and can always be counted on to make me laugh or be the voice of reason (sometimes in the same sentence) when I need her to be.

We met over at Kapi’olani Park around 5PM, did a little impromptu stretch, then headed out for a cruise through Waikiki towards downtown.  She’s just a little faster than I am, so I was grateful that she elected to slow down to my pace for this run.  We were both wearing our Garmin GPS watches, but didn’t feel the need to press the pace much.  We kept it conversational and enjoyed having the time to catch up with what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Out through Waikiki, we took Kalakaua to the Convention Center, then cut down the promenade to Ala Moana Blvd.  We followed Ala Moana mostly on the Marathon course out to downtown, cut up Bethel street to Hotel, then took Hotel across through downtown to Iolani Palace.   Eventually we wound our way back through Ala Moana towards Waikiki – dodging the occasional homicidal bicyclists barreling down the sidewalk.

Finally we crossed back into Waikiki and enjoyed watching the tourists and listening to the street performers as we chatted and ran back to the park. I had thought about doing one lap of Kapi’olani Park to add another 1.5 miles before getting into the cars to go home, but as we ran through Waikiki I started to get a stitch in my side and decided that maybe it would be better to just wrap it up when we got there.

Total distance: just a hair under 10 miles.  Next week I’ll add at least Kapi’olani Park if not Diamond Head to the run so hopefully I’ll get up to 12 or 13 miles.  Sue-Baby expressed interest in doing it again soon, but unfortunately she’ll be on the mainland when I do my next run.  So perhaps the one after that.

Pacing: A week or so ago I added 9 miles onto a Saturday workout with Brian and had a tough go of it.  Part of the reason, I think, was that I had just finished a 10K tempo run and had a hard time shifting gears to come back off my 10/minute pace to ease off into a 13 minute pace.  So I ended up running my 9 miles with an AVERAGE pace of around 12:28.  Considering that some of that was uphill, and I was especially tired towards the end, it means that I was actually quite a bit faster than that for much of it.

Contrast that to last night, when I was pretty comfortable (except for the stitch) the whole way.  According to the Garmin Sue-Baby and I averaged around 13:10 on last night’s miles.  A much more leisurely pace – and keep in mind that includes a few stops for stop-lights and traffic.  At L.A. I won’t have to stop for the traffic and my target pace should be just under 13.

Questions and Acknowledgements

  • AM – My goal for L.A. is to get under 5:30, though honestly I’ll be very satisfied to just PR at the Marathon distance, which would be under 5:46.
  • SF & EG – Foot feels o.k.  It’s clearly not 100%, but I’m able to run with just a tiny bit of discomfort and no pain.  Yes, they are taped.
  • CI & JN – Thanks for the kind words.  They are much appreciated!


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