Lessons in Love from Greg and Liz

I recently bought a couple of new audiobooks.  I’m just finishing, for the second time, "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman and wanted to start on something new.  As a few of you know I’ve been dealing with a difficult personal matter for a while now and so the book "He’s Just Not That Into You" caught my eye on iTunes.  Yeah, I know, it’s written for women but…

  1. I figured maybe I’d get a nugget or two of helpful stuff that would apply to me.
  2. I’ve always been a fan of Greg Behrendt.

I’m only a few chapters in and I suppose there probably has been a moment or two that gave me some insight or positive thought into my own situation but there have also been several things that I thought really rang true and that I wished more women understood or could read for themselves.  Let me share one of them now, and if I come across others I’ll try to share them as well.

Busy is NOT an excuse

Ladies, if a guy says he was too busy to call you…chances are he’s just not that into you.  Sorry.  If I’m really into you, then I’m thinking about you.  Simple as that.  Maybe not every minute, but probably at least every hour. 

Do I have busy days?  Are you kidding?  I run a technology consulting firm and my cell phone rings, chirps or squawks at me ALL DAY LONG with clients calling, e-mailing or texting.  I have days where I’m almost literally running from client to client from morning until sundown.  I get a couple of hundred e-mails a day.  I oversee several other field consultants who have questions and need direction.  I’m writing three books and at the end of this coming week have to fly to another island to deliver two presentations.  I’m busy.  Guess what…if I’m into you, you’re in that elevator with me.  If I’m into you, every now and then I’ll sit back in my chair, look out the window and wonder what you’re up to.  If I’m into you I can whip out my cell phone for 2 minutes while I’m walking briskly from building to building to call you and say "Hi".  If I’m into you I can dash off a text message to you between bites of my hurried sandwich just to let you know that I’m thinking of you.

Am I busy?  Yes.  But if I’m into you then even 90 seconds of talking with you will be the best minute and a half of my very important day.  You’d better believe I’m going to call, or text or e-mail or somehow reach out and let you know you’re on my mind.  I will find SOME time during my day to reach out to you.

Don’t get me wrong, there CAN be valid reasons not to call.  Busy just isn’t one of them.

No guy is too busy to get what he wants and if what he really wants is you…


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