If I Get 172 More Frequent Flier Miles I Get Upgraded to Co-Pilot

So, just got back from a lovely weekend in Kona.  I’ll blog it soon, but here’s a teaser photo…

Kona 132

Next up…Los Angeles.  I head to L.A. on Thursday for the ABA Midyear Conference.  I’ll have a day or two of meetings, and a day or two of In-and-Out Burger.  Maureen is going to drive down for the weekend and we’ll get to spend some time with my folks.  I might even get to see my Dad’s play while I’m in town!

After that, February should get a little calm as far as travel.  I might do a neighbor-island but I think maybe I’ll just relax at home more, keep running and spend time with friends here in the 808.

At least until the end of the month.  March 2nd, as you all should know by now, is the L.A. Marathon.  My travel plans aren’t firm yet but I’ll fly into L.A. a couple days before the Marathon, hang out with friends and family, enjoy the jacuzzi, eat well and get ready for the race.  After the race I’ll probably spend another day or two in L.A. before heading for home.

I won’t be home long though…March 13th I have to be in Chicago.  That’s right, it’s TechShow time again.  I’ll spend a couple of days either before or after visiting family and friends in the Indianapolis area; hopefully get to visit with Natalie in Dayton, and grab lunch with my cousin Sherri.

I have to be back in Honolulu March 20th because I’m scheduled to give a presentation to a group of Legal Administrators.  Good thing that’s on the 20th and not later – yesterday I got invited to spend the last week in March snowboarding in Tahoe with a bunch of friends. 

April is still more travel — Seattle around the 14th-17th for Summit.  By then I really will be Platinum Medallion on Delta (especially if they merge with United and pull my United Miles over too) and I’m already Gold level Starwood Preferred and whatever Avis’ top level is.   Good thing I’m increasingly enjoying travel.  I’ll probably do a neighbor-island at the end of April for the weekend.

May should be quiet – will undoubtedly take a neighbor-island weekend but otherwise don’t currently have any travel planned…then it gets crazy again.  Whew!


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