So…are you a Life Changer?

At the beginning of this month I challenged you to do 5 little things that might improve your life and/or your community.  How’s it going?  I’ve heard from a few of you and I’m pleased with your efforts, but I know I have at least 2 more readers than that so…. ?

Here’s How I’m Doing

  1. "Say Hi to a neighbor" – Have done it a few times already, and did it last night, actually.  Was out for my evening run and coming back to the house passed a neighbor I’d never met.  Greeted him with a warm "Good evening!" which he smiled and returned.  Maybe next time I’ll stop and chat with him a little.
  2. "Sell Something" – I re-listed my dining room set on Craig’s List.  I have a little stereo gear to advertise as well and I’ll do that this week.  Also I have a few shirts I want to drop off at Goodwill.
  3. "Try a Neighborhood Restaurant" – Haven’t done this one yet.  There’s a little Mexican place a couple of blocks away I’ve meant to try but just haven’t done it yet.  I’ll try to get over there this week…anybody want to go with me?  🙂
  4. "Walk Around the School" – I’ve run thru the neighborhood several times, but haven’t actually done the lap of the school yet.  I’ll probably do that next Sunday while I’m recovering from Saturday’s long run.
  5. "Make Room for New Books" – Did it.  Gave away 5 books so far, actually, and have a few more I want to drop off at the library.  I’ll try to do that today, actually.

Another Great Idea

My mom told me about this one…there are a couple of young ladies in California who started an organization called Kid Flicks.  They collect used DVDs and movies and give them to children’s hospitals so that the sick kids have something to watch.  They’ve donated nearly 30,000 movies so far!  Are your kids done with "Finding Nemo" or "The Princess Diaries?"  Go to and donate those movies to a great cause.  Great way to clean up your DVD collection and have something you may never watch again get good use.

So…what have you done today to make your world a little better place?


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2 Responses to So…are you a Life Changer?

  1. Ashley says:

    So, I finally signed on to MSN, just so that I can leave you messages, and you’ll know that someone else is reading your blog. Sounds like things are going great with you and Maureen, she seems like a great girl. BTW, I just started running again, am thinking about a half marathon in the fall. There’s one in Indy but I’d love to make a trip out of it, know any good ones?

  2. Ben says:

    Hey sis! 
    Actually I have the perfect race for you: The Disneyland Half Marathon.  It’s at the very end of August in L.A.  I’ll be there doing it too!  I’ll e-mail you some details on it.

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