L.A. Marathon: T-2 Weeks

No training today.  Today is all about stretching and resting for tomorrow.  I’ll go run some errands, go furniture shopping, meet a friend for a meal, but otherwise I’m working and relaxing and not training.  But the first questions are starting to trickle in so…

Great Aloha Run

So I’ve been considering my race plan for tomorrow.  It’s pretty simple, really.  I’ll probably aim for 11s for the first two miles and then try to be under 9:30 for the next 6.  Consistent with my successful plan last time I’ll skip the first water station and probably only stop at one or two of them along the way.  Hopefully the entire race will only be a bit over an hour long and if I’m properly hydrated going in I shouldn’t need a lot of additional hydration as I go.  Fortunately at least 2-3 miles of this race takes place under the viaduct, so cool conditions.  My PR at this race is actually 1:24 but I have it in the back of my mind that I could break 1:20 this year.  We’ll see.

Questions and Acknowledgements

  • JW – As always she wants to know what I’m going to wear for L.A..  I’ve already decided what shorts and socks (yes, socks) I’ll wear.  Not as sure about the shoes or shirt.  For shirt I’ll almost certainly go with something sleeveless.  Especially since the race starts at 8:15AM – curiously late in the day.  Hopefully it won’t get too hot.
  • MA – Thanks for your unending support.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you.
  • RR – Yes, I am still taping the toes when I run. I’ll definitely have them taped tomorrow and will almost certainly tape them for marathon too.

O.K., enough for now.  Time to get on with my day…


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