Great Aloha Run – Wrap Up

Couple of late comments on the Great Aloha Run.

Movin’ On Up

Brian pointed out tonight how well our group did against the "masses" in the Great Aloha Run on Monday.  Nearly all of us were above average in our times.  Some our group were in the top 5% or even top 2% (not to mention Beth who finished in 2nd place in her entire age division!).  I finished in the top 30% which, in the Men 35-39 age division (which is a tough division) is not too bad.

A few of our runners were actually doing their first race EVER.  Lazar had never run 8 consecutive miles in her LIFE so she was thrilled to finish and feel good.

Alan struggled a bit, but he’s just recovering from a chest cold so that’s understandable.

Recovery Run

Tonight we got together for our recovery run – intended to be an easy 45-minute jaunt through the neighborhood.  I met up with the team for stretching and announcements, but then set off on my own for the actual run.

  • Richard and Annie – thanks for your concern.  I’m o.k., just felt like being alone tonight.

I ended up doing about an hour – an easy 5 miles or so mostly on the marathon course.  Felt fine.


  • When I first arrived tonight Kelly greeted me.  She hadn’t seen me since the wrap up of marathon training and she started at me incredulously.  "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR STOMACH?  WHERE DID IT GO?!"  "It’s at the cleaners." I quipped.  I’ve actually only lost maybe 8 or 10 pounds since I saw her last, but apparently it’s noticeable.  I was flattered anyhow, it was sweet of her to say so and she got a nice hug as a reward.  Or was that a reward for me?  🙂
  • Billie was talking about her race experience.  Then she gestured to me and said "You just ZOOMED right by me.  You were flying!"  I did pass her around mile 6 and was feeling pretty good.  For the record Billie is usually faster than me, she must’ve been having an off day.

Tomorrow night: planning to do 14 miles or so.  Last long run before L.A.


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