L.A. Marathon: T-9 Days

O.K., L.A. is a week from Sunday and last night I did my last long run before the race.

I did the Kapi’olani Park, around Diamond Head, thru Waikiki and out to downtown and back course that I’ve grown fond of – it’s right around 14 miles total.  I was a little sore from the very beginning; after all I did 8.15 miles at a racing pace on Monday, a not-casual 13 mile bike ride Tuesday evening, a steady 5.5 mile run on Wednesday evening…so no great surprise I’d be a touch sore/tired on Thursday.  Today is DEFINITELY a recovery day – no strenuous exercise for me today.

Racing a Ghost

At various points on this run I had the opportunity to cut the run a little short — make a turn and chop off a block or three — but I didn’t.  In fact at least twice I deliberately ran an extra block or two.  Why?  When I’m debating those decisions these days I think about my competition.  There are two possibilities:

1. He’s out there working hard and getting better.  In which case I have to work hard too, or I’ll fall behind.

2. He’s cutting his run short, or taking the day off.  In which case I have the opportunity to gain on him by working hard while he’s slacking!

Looking Ahead to the House of the Mouse

In August I’ll be doing the Disneyland Half-Marathon again.  One thing I’ve noticed during these 14-mile runs is that on each of the last two of them…my half-marathon (13.1 miles) time would have been a new PR for me (by a long way, actually) had that workout been an actual race.  That’s sort of a surprise because I’m not out there racing; I’m just cruising a marathon-pace workout.  If I can run a 2:30 over 13.1 in my cruising evening workout makes me think that 2:25 or so is not at all out of the question when I get to Disney and that would be a SIGNIFICANT new PR for me.

Quote of the Day (Out of Topic):  (Courtesy of my mom)

"Love is patient, love is kind, and sometimes love leaves you in a quivering heap by the side of the road."
       -Garrison Keillor-

Thanks Mom.


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