Catching Up on TV

I don’t really watch a lot of TV.  I DVR a few things like Mythbusters and House but otherwise I don’t tend to watch that much TV these days.  Today I’m working at home, doing some writing, playing with my dog and watching some of the programs that I’ve DVR’d.  A few thoughts…

The Biggest Loser

This is the only reality show I can really watch because I love the objective.  They’ve got a crowd of overfat contestants and they help them in a HEALTHY way, through carefully supervised fitness and nutrition to lose fat and get healthy.

There is a little bit of the "Survivor-esque" game play, especially this season, but there are also a lot of really and genuine emotion.  I’m at least a little bit of a tough-guy and I have to admit that I got choked up watching Trent and Roger break down talking about how important it is to them to lose the weight so that they could be there for their wives.  Roger showed a wedding picture and said it was the heaviest he’d ever been.  "On my damned wedding day!"  And then he tearfully pointed out how beautiful his wife is in the picture.  I’ll be damned if I didn’t wipe a way a tear on that one.

Celebrity Apprentice

I’m not watching the show but I see the previews and I have a question:  Are there any celebrities on it?

Moment of Truth

I thought TV hit a new low when we were watching people marry strangers for money.  This one is even worse in my opinion.  It appears to me that this show is all about humiliating people on national TV.  And it’s not the contestants who are being humiliated…it’s their family and friends.  Anybody see the preview where the woman is asked if she would leave her husband if her ex-boyfriend asked her to come back.  She said yes.  And the cameras immediately zoomed in on her husband.  Do you think their marriage will ever be the same?  Hope she won and the money was worth it.


One of my favorite shows.  Hugh Laurie is one of the best actors on TV and he has a great supporting cast.

Time to turn off the TV and take my dog for a walk in the sunshine.


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