So Life Changers?

Well, today I completed the last task on the list.  Marshall took me for a lovely walk around Keone’ula Elementary School.  And it’s been nice to hear from those of you who’ve been working on this challenge as well!  Some of you are VERY close to finished.

Meet the Neighbors

I had already met my neighbor Gerrard but I had never met his wife or daughter before, so the other day as I was backing into my garage I saw his wife standing in their garage.  I decided to step over and introduce myself.  Her name is Janine and their daughter (who was there too) is Sherry.  It was very nice to meet them!

The Home Stretch

If you haven’t finished yet, you have one week left.  Just as a reminder…

1. Say hi to a neighbor you haven’t met or haven’t spoken to in a while.

2. Sell something.  Garage sale, eBay, Craigslist, whatever.  Or donated it to Goodwill.

3. Try a neighborhood restaurant.  Someplace you haven’t eaten before.  Not a chain.

4. Walk around the school.  Take a stroll around a neighborhood school.

5. Make room for new books by finding at least 3 books you could give to friends or an organization.  A VA hospital would be a nice place to donate if you can’t think of anyplace else.

The March list is waiting…I’ll post it next weekend.


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