L.A. Marathon: T-4 Days

Things are heating up as the big day approaches!  I am in full taper mode now.  I’m running every day, but nothing longer than 3-4 miles and always very easy.  Last night I did my short course and it was all I could to do hold back – I felt strong and fast and found myself pressing a little too hard a few times.  I had to keep backing off.

I’ve been playing with my stride a bit on these runs – adjusting my hips, reaching a bit, picking up my knees…mostly just for a little variety and to keep loose.

Questions and Acknowledgements

  • JW – Yes, I’ve decided what I’m going to wear for L.A.  You’ll have to wait for the photos OF COURSE. 🙂  I’ll give you a hint; I’ve never worn this shirt in a race before.  I think BC just figured out what it is.


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