L.A. Marathon: T-11 Hours

Here we are…night before.  The Sheraton Universal has kindly provided (for a fee) a lovely room just two blocks from the starting line.  The weather conditions in L.A. today were PERFECT for me – 60s, overcast, breezy even a hint of drizzle.  Too much to hope for more of the same tomorrow?

I’m really tired so this will definitely NOT be one of my better entries.  And I realize that’s not saying too much. 🙂

Driving the Course

M and I started the day driving part of the Marathon course.

Los Angeles 013 Los Angeles 021

Los Angeles 022 Los Angeles 039

The course starts off uphill, then there’s a dramatic downhill that extends into the city.  We stopped off to run an errand, then found ourselves back on the marathon course a few miles away.  I was sure we were pretty far down the course but a block further down…Mile 10.  Good grief.  I was expecting 18.  All in all the course looks pretty manageable.

The Expo

The L.A. Marathon Expo is what I like an expo to be:  Big, busy and full of booths that actually have something to do with fitness and running.

Los Angeles 041 Los Angeles 046

Los Angeles 059 Los Angeles 055

We wandered the aisles, did some shopping (I bought two new bike jerseys for me, and a couple of t-shirts for friends), picked up my packet and got some ideas for races in 2009 (and maybe a 5th Marathon in 2008 if I really lose my mind).

One thing I hadn’t seen before: two booths offering 15 minute teeth whitening services.  They had plenty of customers too – folks plopped down in comfy chairs with bright lights being shone into their mouths.  TIP: If you’re going to do to one of those booths, try to make sure that your booth attendants have white teeth.

Just before we left I spotted another guy wearing a 2007 Honolulu Marathon Finisher shirt and that led to a short chat about Honolulu Marathon and other running experiences.

"Laugh now, but someday you’ll be driving a giant Cadillac and eating  dinner at 3 in the afternoon."

Well, our "Cadillac" was a Honda Civic but dinner was at 3PM.  We joined my parents and went to Cosmos Grill in Calabasas and enjoyed some delicious pasta (naturally).  I had the Capellini Marinara and a LOT of bread.  I was craving a Pepsi but opted for just water.

After dinner back to the Sheraton for a soak in the Jacuzzi.  We were joined by another couple and their young son.  Mom is doing the marathon tomorrow, dad is training for the San Diego Marathon June 1st.  Tomorrow is Mom’s first marathon!  We chatted about running and wished them well.

Final Thoughts, Quotes, Questions and Acknowledgements

  • "Is that a pet shop or a grocery store" – One of those questions you really don’t want to think about too hard.
  • Thanks to all of the kind words and thoughts from friends and family.  I’ve been getting e-mails, text messages and even the occasional phone call almost all day. 

O.K., I’m fading fast.  Off to bed.  Up at 0600, gun time is 0815.

Let’s get this going!


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One Response to L.A. Marathon: T-11 Hours

  1. Jana says:

    Good luck, not that you need it because the mear fact you are running is an accomplishment on its own. I will eagerly await the auto-updates the marathon is sending me and willing you swift feet and the greatest mental strength I can send your way.
    You are an inspiration and a wonderful man.
    To you and your big day

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