I Go Fast, As I Have Learned, But The Road Is Not For Me To Say

So I started off my morning with a bike ride.  It’s been a while since I jumped on the bike and just rode for a couple of hours but with the Metric Century ride coming up I need to get some saddle time.

I decided to head west and explore Kalealoha.  For good measure I started my ride down North Road on the same course as last week’s Iroquois Point triathlon, swept around on the same road I do my moonlight run on, then headed out on Geiger Road to Kalealoha. 

I had planned to take a left at the golf course and do a big loop along the course – that was going fine until about 2 miles down the road I found it closed.  So I turned around and headed back to Roosevelt Blvd.  I went left down to White Plains beach and rode along the coast near the airfield – really a lovely place to ride. (I’ll have pictures in a day or so)

Of course that road was closed too.  I improvised and snaked through the back streets of the residential neighborhood before finally taking Fort Barrette up towards Kapolei.  Figuring it was time to turn for home (I have some preparation to do before the hike and picnic today) I got onto Farrington Highway back towards Ewa.  Wow – what a workout.  I found myself turned into one of the most brutal headwinds I’ve ever experienced on a bike.  Even down on the aerobars and trying to stay tucked I was still working really hard to maintain 15MPH into that wind.  That went on for about 5 miles before I finally turned onto Old Ft. Weaver.

Old Ft. Weaver is one of the best sections to ride that I’ve found.  It’s smooth, shady, rolling but mostly downhill.  A total reversal from Farrington I found myself teasing 30MPH as I flew thru that stretch, met back up with Ft. Weaver (NEW Ft. Weaver) and turned south towards home.

Add Bike Seminar: One thing Dr. McMahon said last Monday that surprised me was that aero wheels were actually a relatively minor advantage, especially considering their cost.  Body position is by far the most important issue in bike aerodynamics.

Great ride, tough workout. O.K., time to get my shower and get my hike together.


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