This and That

  • Anybody else find the soda commercial with the chubby tow truck driver hooking the jumper cables to his nipples and dancing to be more than a little disturbing?
  • The "Truth in Advertising" award goes to Burger King.  They have an ad for their cheesy-tots which are, as best we can determine, hash-browns stuffed with cheese.  I admit it does sort of sound tasty, but it also sounds like a nutritional disaster.  So kudos to Burger King for picking a chubby spokesman for the commercial — because face it folks, get in the habit of eating those things and that’s what you’re going to look like.  They’ve got about 40 calories and 2 grams of fat…EACH.
  • Tom Hanks shouldn’t be shy about putting  "That Thing You Do!" on his resume.  It’s a terrific little movie.
  • I’ve been thinking a lot lately about hopes vs. expectations.  Hopes are what you want to happen.  Expectations are what you think will happen.  People say "Don’t get your hopes up." but isn’t that what hopes are for?
  • O.K., so there is a new medication for acid reflux called "Aciphex."  Which they pronounce "Ass effects."  Do I really need a joke here?
  • Just when I finally settled on a new hair cutting person, she leaves that salon. <sigh>  Now I have to start looking again.  Not sure why I care, my hair is nothing special.  I guess it gets back to hopes versus expectations — I keep hoping to get a hair cut I’ll LOVE.  But I don’t expect to.
  • As long as we’re talking about food and calories…just saw an ad for the Hungry Man Fried Chicken dinner.  "Eat like a man!"  Yes.  Like a man who just consumed almost 1,000 calories, including 45 grams of fat, 24 grams of sugars and almost 2900 milligrams of sodium.  Wow.  At least it has 52 grams of protein.
  • To answer JW’s question my next trip: Seattle.  Next weekend I’m off to the Microsoft MVP Summit.


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