• Who is doing the interior design for CNN these days?  Mr. Magoo?  It’s loud, busy, colorful, an assortment of apparently random video screens showing colorful content that looks like it might be useful but really probably isn’t.
  • Why is there so much emphasis on corn as an ethanol base?  It’s not even close to being the most efficient base for ethanol – switchgrass or sugar would be two better possibilities and switchgrass is pretty easy to grow on prairies.  Using corn and other food products adds a competing use for those products and probably drives up the cost of food.
  • Bad form to ATA Airlines for shutting down without any warning and stranding thousands of people far from home.  Folks coming to Hawaii on ATA had no warning and weren’t told until they landed that ATA was shut down effective immediately.  Many had to start their long anticipated vacations holding worthless return tickets and unsure of how they’d get home.  At least Aloha Airlines had the courtesy of giving a couple of days notice that they were out of business.
  • It seems like I lose HD channels almost every day.  I’ve nearly given up on HD simply because it seems like every time I choose an HD channel it tells me I have to call Oceanic Cable to subscribe to it.  I could have sworn most of those channels (and we’re talking TBS, CNN and other "basic" cable channels here) were available to me when I first got my HD cable box.
  • I didn’t realize they still sold "Steak-Um" products until I just saw the commercial on TV.  I remember their "Philly Cheesesteak" product from years ago.  Odd name for a product though.  Makes me think:  "Is it steak?  Ummm…."
  • Thankfully I don’t have any need for it (at least not yet) but I have to say that these "Viva Viagra" commercials are a little odd.  A group of middle-aged guys sitting around having a jam session singing about Viagra?  Hey, I listen to the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Van Halen and other middle-aged (he says, generously) guy rockers and while they often sing of love, passion and women I don’t think any of them have any songs featuring erectile dysfunction.  Or maybe I just haven’t listened closely enough to the lyrics?  "I can’t get no…sat-is-fac-tion…"

Quote of the Day

"A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her."
      -Oscar Wilde-


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