Simple Pleasures

I didn’t really feel like going for a run tonight, but Patricia talked me into doing a short course run.  (Thanks P, you’re the best, really!)  So after a short chat with my ceiling fan I grabbed my gear and headed out for an easy run.

I really like running at night.  It’s quiet, cool, that big dark sky….  It’s a lot different from the morning runs like I described the other day with all the activity and fellow runners.  At night it’s peaceful.  Hardly anybody else on the road.  Every couple of blocks I’ll pass a neighbor out on their front porch enjoying the crisp, clear night. (No, still no moon).  Every here and there the smell of BBQ wafts over a fence from a backyard.  But otherwise it’s just me and the soft rhythmic thud of my 3-dots on the asphalt.

I’m a Runner

The other day somebody asked me "What’s your favorite simple pleasure?"  I surprised myself when after a moment of contemplation I said "Running."  It doesn’t get much simpler than running.  All you need is some clothes you don’t mind sweating in and a pair of shoes.  Head out the door and go right-foot, left-foot, right-foot, left-foot (or left-foot, right-foot, left-foot, right-foot if you want to rock it European style) and just repeat that until you want to stop.  Simple as that.

And I look at where running has taken me – literally.  San Diego and Los Angeles Marathons, Disney Half-Marathon, all over Oahu.  Later this year back to San Diego and Disney; then over to Maui and maybe Vegas in December.  Next year I’ll probably do at least one marathon in Europe, maybe Miami, maybe New York.

Without running I wouldn’t be back in triathlon.  I wouldn’t have done Iroquois Point last week.  I wouldn’t be doing Tinman in July.  Next year I’ll probably do a triathlon in Bali.  Not to mention Kona.

Without running I wouldn’t have met Rachel.  I wouldn’t have met Sue-Baby, Susan, Alan, Ox-Bunny, Holly, Laureen, Vern, UPCHURCH!  And so many other great people in my running group.

Without running I’d still be a 238 pound fat guy.  Or worse.  Instead I’m in the best physical shape of my life.

I think of the things I’ve seen while running – amazing sunsets; countless stars, mountains, valleys, neat houses, beautiful landscaping, birds, dogs…every run it seems like something new.  I’ve run through torrential rain, dead of night and even an earthquake (yes, really).

Running gives me time to be alone with my thoughts.  Granted that’s not always a good thing, but I recently told a dear friend that I did my best thinking in the shower.  Well, my second best thinking happens when I’m running.

I’m a runner.

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