• Tip for newscasters: Don’t talk over the video you’re showing if it’s the sounds of the video you’re highlighting.  The lovely Asian newswoman on CNN Headline News this morning was showing video of the protests in Seattle and talking about how intense it was being able to hear the shouts and the sirens…but she talked about the shouts and the sirens incessantly during the video making it impossible to hear the shouts or the sirens.
  • What does it say about Hollywood that it’s news that Sean Penn is NOT getting a divorce?
  • Is your iTunes music library filling up your hard drive?  Move it to a different hard drive (including an external drive) by going to Edit | Preferences | Advanced and selecting a new drive/location for it.  Then go to the Advanced menu and choose "Consolidate Library".  iTunes will copy all your music files to that new drive/location.  Once you’re confident that the files have been successfully copied you can go back to the original location and delete the files from there; freeing up the space.
  • Fitness: Can’t get to the gym?  Don’t underestimate the value of the old standbys: Pushups and crunches.  They’re easy to do, require no equipment and you can do them anywhere you can find a few feet of empty floor.  Home, office, hotel room, restaurant…o.k., maybe not at a restaurant.  I do them almost every day.
  • The teens who ganged up on and severely beat a girl in Florida are going to be tried as adults.  That seems entirely appropriate to me.  Not that the crime was unheard of (don’t get me wrong, it’s shocking and heinous but kids have been beating each other up for centuries) but because of the manner in which these teens carried out their crime.  They videoed the attack apparently with the intent to post the video on the Internet and since their arrest have apparently shown no remorse for their actions.  This isn’t just angry or immature kids lashing out at each other in a schoolyard fight.  These kids have SERIOUS.  I’m no psychiatrist but this sounds like sociopathic behavior.  And I hope their parents are answering some questions too.
  • Officials are considering canceling the Olympic torch relay for future Olympics due to protests this year.  Ummm…I don’t think it’s the relay people are protesting.  The 2012 Summer games are being held in London.  Is there likely to be a big International outcry against Great Britain’s human rights record?
  • Left my garage door open the other day as I drove away fiddling with my GPS Nav system.  Luckily I remembered before I got more than a block away…wish there was some device that could help with that.
  • Speaking of GPS Nav systems my mother has finally, after I recommended it, gotten herself a Garmin Nav system.  Hurray!  She named hers "Emily" — Emma’s cousin. 🙂  They really are handy things, especially if you travel to new places a lot.  Even in your home town it can be handy unless you’re familiar with every nook and cranny.  One of my favorite features…when my low fuel indicator dings at me I can press two or three buttons on Emma and she will route me to the nearest gas station. 


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